So I decided today that Chesterfield’s leg hair was disgusting.  It was all matted (even though I have a cute dog does not mean I know how to maintain a cute dog), and smelled like foulness which in turn made me want to vomit even though he is SO fricken cute all curled up and showing his belly off at sunrise.  He STUNK.  

Here he is, lounging in his perfect atmosphere. . . comfy bed, enough sun to enjoy and not as much to the point where he wants to be tucked under the covers, and a cool breeze.  Clearly a perfect nap has just occurred (this is his after-yawn).  


And then there is the after. . . Dog Gone World.  I love the way he was totally obsessed with the scissors up until the MOMENT I put it on the ground, at which point even a 5 year old could hear his displeasure.